Highly experienced in designing & developing custom Joomla and Wordpress websites.


All in one solution for your bussines
every single aspect is included.


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Brand Strategy

Unique website with wow factor will immediately set your business apart from the rest.

Market Strategy

Consulting services in search marketing for small and large organizations.
Social Media Services

Creative Design

Website revamp is faster then you think! Just ask! SIMPLE. AFFORDABLE. AMAZING. Contact me today!

Technical Consulting

From creating a website for you, maintaining and existing site, technical support and Web security.

Clean Structure

A fluid layout, Super-easy navigation with menu buttons designed for mobile touch-screens!

Mobile Platforms

Mobile user experience (UX) design for mobile usability, best practices for usability on device screen size

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ai-dumitru-logo-0.25stroke Dumitru Butucel | Web Development | SEM | SEO

Highly experienced in designing & developing custom Joomla websites

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This sounded a very good reason, and Alice was quite pleased to know it. :)